what we do


plan. design. manage.

We help our clients – YOU – host exceptional events. Carefully┬áplanned, exquisitely designed, expertly managed.

We handle the myriad of details that it takes to bring an event from start to finish so that our clients – YOU – can focus on all the other demands of everyday life.

We start by helping our clients – YOU – to articulate your vision and goals, then streamline the decision-making process with respect to vendors and logistics, bringing a sophisticated design sense to the way your event looks and feels, making sure all of the components blend together seamlessly.

We work hard, saving our clients – YOU – time and energy. Every detail thought of and attended to so you can shine. Be the exceptional host that you want to be, and with your guests, savor every beautiful moment.

goals. process. outcomes.

When it comes to fundraising events, our strength is in handling the design and logistics so that you and your organization can focus on securing your donors and sponsors. We work exceptionally hard to stay within budget, helping you prioritize what is really important and leveraging our experience and established vendor relationships to deliver the best bang for the buck.