Nothing says March like “March Madness,” and this mitzvah was no exception. Except that we gave a unique, elegant twist to the traditional basketball theme and had some fun playing off the madness part of the equation.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1425

The venue for this mitzvah was the gorgeous River Creek Club in Leesburg, Virginia. River Creek’s updated interior is the epitome of modern country club style, blending contemporary sophistication with clubby warmth. In keeping with our client’s vision for this event, we sought to complement rather than overpower the elegant setting. Reference tournament elements, rather than overrun the space with thematic decor.



The Sarah Schwartz invitation set the tone from the beginning, pairing a classic gray chevron pattern with modern graphic design and pops of orange in reference to the basketball theme.

MAX JANNES_reception cardAlternating orange and gray table linen gave the reception a clean contemporary feel, while the nubby texture of the shantung table linen with puddled drops added a touch of warmth. Floral elements in both the adult and young adult seating areas were designed to complement both the refined elegance of River Creek and the March Madness basketball theme.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1307

Jannes Mitzvah - 1308

Jannes Mitzvah - 1313

Long, communal tables provided seating for the young adults, accented with tall centerpieces of lit branches and handcrafted Spalding LED lamps. The height and fullness of EDGE Floral’s‘ centerpieces were a striking match for the venue’s elegant aesthetic, with the rustic branches and hundreds of tiny LED lights again adding a touch of warmth and unexpected excitement.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1312

Orange drawstring sport bags hung across the chairs, again referencing the basketball theme in a very subtle way, while serving as perfect takeaways for the young adults.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1317

Two tall basketball centerpieces were created for the escort card and dessert tables and placed at either end of a downward staircase to mimic the symmetry of a basketball court. And we had some fun with the adult centerpieces, trying to keep them elegant without looking too wedding-ish and finding an unexpected way to tie them in to the basketball theme. The taller of the two adult centerpiece designs incorporated green moss balls echoing the shape of a basketball, with thin matte silver wiring orbiting the moss balls referencing the swoosh of the ball as it approaches the net on a tournament court. The white orchids suspended vertically added a touch of elegance, while referencing the downward movement of the ball after meeting the net.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1311

STUNNING! Visually appealing. Smile-inducing. And an amazingly clever twist on the basketball theme.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1294

Guests young and old enjoyed the beautiful ambiance along with Everything Entertainment’s pulsating music, lighting, and games.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1413

Jannes Mitzvah - 0723

Jannes Mitzvah - 1574

Jannes Mitzvah - 1439

Jannes Mitzvah - 0842

Jannes Mitzvah - 1373

And we brought in the absolutely amazing Max Major, magician and mentalist, to play off the madness theme. Having once before accurately predicted the score and outcome of an NCAA tournament round, Max wowed this crowd, as well. Sharing a name with the man of the hour was simply icing on the cake. Really, how much more perfect could you get for a mitzvah themed “Max’s March Madness”?!

Jannes Mitzvah - 1455

Jannes Mitzvah - 0650

On the food end of things, we upscaled traditional concession treats, bringing in small batch, handrolled Philadelphia-style soft pretzels from The Pretzel Bakery in DC; classic Cracker Jack-style caramel popcorn from DC’s upscale treats queen, Tiffany MacIsaac; hand spun artisan flavored cotton candy from The Cotton Candy Confectionery; and arena-style hot dogs from locally beloved Windy City Dogs.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1603

Jannes Mitzvah - 1286

Jannes Mitzvah - 1598

A mashed potato “martini” bar, carving station, and beautifully presented individual salads rounded out the upscale menu concept. Our food-savvy crowd was thrilled!

Jannes Mitzvah - 1568

More surprises awaited guests at the end of the evening, when again we brought in treats designed to complement the evening’s basketball/March Madness theme. Sweeties by Kim produced Oreo lollipops custom printed with the logo and chevron design of the invitation. Tiffany MacIsaac created our basketball cake pops, mini Nutella ho-hos, and key lime pie bites. And River Creek provided beautifully composed individual fruit cups.

Jannes Mitzvah - 1078

Jannes Mitzvah - 1068

Jannes Mitzvah - 1071

Wow! A truly unforgettable evening. Gorgeous setting. Creative design and culinary tie-ins to the basketball theme. Mad, magical fun. Yet all in keeping with both the elegance of the venue and the significance of the occasion. Mazel tov, Max! We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with your family and to help create a very special celebration in your honor.

Jannes Mitzvah - 0820

Photos courtesy of Maryland Photo Video.


    Atelier Events nailed it … as always!

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