One of the most important yet often overlooked details of planning a reception is…the floor plan. More than just assigning guests to a seat, a well thought out floor plan ensures that every inch of available space is utilized in a way that maximizes functionality, design and flow. Because there are so many factors to consider when creating an effective floor plan, neglecting this aspect of your event planning could make or break how smoothly your party runs. Along with the table arrangement, a good floor plan will ensure that your space is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Where will the DJ/band best be situated so that they can move about freely to entertain your guests? How large should the dance floor be to accommodate the size of your guest list? Throw in all the extras that leave a footprint, such as a photo booth, sweets table, and interactive games, and you will soon learn that without giving adequate attention to the layout of your floor plan, the traffic flow of your guests and venue staff could be severely compromised.


Every event designed by ATELIER EVENTS is powered by Social Tables. Founded in 2011 right here in Washington, DC, Social Tables is a cloud-based, event planning software tool that streamlines floor plan design, making this very important element of event planning fast, easy and fun.  Once we design a floor plan on Social Tables, our clients are invited to view the plan (often multiple plans) and collaborate with us online from their own device. What used to be a laborious task of pen to paper, is now completed with a few clicks of a button. Layouts are beautifully and securely displayed on the Social Tables site, and we can move around every component of your floor plan with ease to find the perfect fit.

Throughout the process, the arrangement can be viewed three dimensionally, which is invaluable in allowing our clients to visualize exactly how things will look.  Adding elements of their decor such as chair selections and linen colors only adds to this exceptional feature.

This is just a sampling of what Social Tables can do, and illustrates why we love it so much!  If you are in the process of planning an event and would like to learn more about floor plan design for your space, feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to show you how ATELIER EVENTS and Social Tables can help ease the stress of this very important piece in your event planning.


photos courtesy of Social Tables


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