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FEBRUARY. The month of cupid, love and glistening winter serenity. A romantic time of year when many couples decide to tie the knot, and a time of year when we see a flurry of activity as brides officially begin the initial stage of their wedding planning. What is the first piece of business to take care of? Choosing a date, and selecting the perfect reception venue of course!

We are fortunate in northern Virginia to have so many gorgeous, one of-a-kind venues. From prestigious hotel ballrooms in Washington, D.C., to cultural museums and federal buildings, not to mention beautiful wineries and gardens, we really can say that we have it all. And if you are newly engaged and looking for something nobody has done before, we have that too. Thanks to the continued economic growth in the DC metropolitan area, new venues pop up year after year, and ATELIER EVENTS has had a blast keeping up with it all. Take a look at two of our favorite northern Virginia venues here:

THE ATHENAEUM IN OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA. Perfect for an intimate event in a setting that showcases local artistic and musical talent.

Intimate ceremony.

Unique and beautiful.



Beautiful Virginia setting, both inside and out.

And what about all those February birthdays and anniversaries? Are you hesitant to plan a winter bar or bat mitzvah? We know weather can be a concern when hosting February events, but to put things into perspective, northern Virginia is not immune to unfavorable weather conditions year round as we see our fair share of violent storms and unrelentless summer humidity. Weather conditions can wreak havoc on even the best-laid plans, but with the right planning in place, we can work around anything Mother Nature throws our way.

So for all of our winter babies and brides and grooms, don’t hesitate to capture the beauty and serenity of this peaceful time of year. Not only will you have an amazing backdrop for photos, and the gift of a natural, winter wonderland theme, but you will also find more venue availability and less competition for the most in-demand talent, often at a significantly lower cost than during other times of the year.

Happy February!

Venue photos courtesy of the Atheneum and Stone Tower Winery.


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